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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Revolution Will Not Be...Stylized?

Those of you who were following my tweets a few days ago heard a lot about my school, Howard University, and the protest the entire student body and faculty had outside of the Administration Building. I won't spend my time here going over what the protest was about, but it was so big that my lovely campus was to make an appearance on the evening news. As a student, I feel like my fellow students were totally justified in the protest and articulately conveyed our position to ABC's news anchors. That said, I can't help but cringe at the thought...

"What were my fellow students wearing??"

I know, I know, I shouldn't be preoccupied with my peers' fashion when there are serious matters at hand...but...ya'll don't understand how severe fashion is at Howard University. I do and will always love the creativity and progressiveness involved in the way many of my fellow students dress. Below is a slideshow a friend put together for his blog a few years ago.

Like I said, the fashion is innovative—even a little crazy at times. If you tuned-in to the news, I'm sure you and the whole world know what I mean. My dilemma is, as an engineering student, I can't do things like wear 5-inch heels and leopard print tights to class and still hope to be taken seriously by my professors. Since I lost all my clothes in a flood, I'm trying to rebuild my wardrobe so that I emanate that grown, ultra-stylish mystic. The question is how do I do that without looking like I spend more time in Bloomingdale's than in my Organic Chemistry textbook? Is it possible to be both fashionable and reasonable at the same time?

My fashion problem is compounded with my financial problem; not only do I need an ├╝ber-chic look that refrains from screaming "fashion slave!", I need it on a budget.

So what it one to do when in doubt? Look to someone else who knows what they're doing! Below are a few famous women with style that, at least I think, fit the "un-fussy fashionista" bill:

As one Concreteloop.com reader commented, "I want to be Tracee Ellis Ross when I grow up."

Now ya'll know I wasn't going to write a post about fashion and style and not include Tracee! Don't act like you don't know that me and Tracee are (imaginary) best friends...

Seriously, no matter where this woman is going or what she's doing, she always look SPOT ON for the occasion, which is what fashion is all about. A gorgeously ornate cocktail dress means nothing if you're wearing it to the grocery store. Contrary to popular belief, fashion is as much about context as it is about the clothes. Tracee artfully demonstrates this at nearly every appearance.

With her carefree air and frequent nods to vintage, Blake Lively (Yes, "Serena" on Gossip Girls for those of you who won't admit you watch it sometimes) is "stylish school girl" alter-ego. Most everything she wears is (obviously) chic enough to be featured in magazines, but is also easy, functional, and fit for someone like me who is in school 5 days a week. While my classmates are emulating Rhianna's super-tight acid wash jeans and punk-rock stilettos, I'll be taking notes on Blake's effortless jeans, boots, and t-shirt combos.

Who doesn't love Tia??? Watching her grow from a cute teenager on Sister, Sister to a talented powerhouse on The Game should be reason enough to fawn over newlywed, Tia Mowry Hardrict.

I love Tia because before anything, the girl is smart and talented. Behind the brains is then Tia's beauty and great style. I'm always amazed at how underrated she is as a trendsetter; Tia is the epitome of what it means to be "put-together". From her hair to her makeup to her nail polish, Tia's overall look is always just fantastic.

The above women are who I'll be studying this semster for effortless style in and outside of class. I know a lot of my readers are also busy women with a penchant for fashion. What looks are you ladies checking for? How do you keep it all together without looking overdone? Share your tips and stories below.

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