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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Never Say What You Can't Do: Video Response

A simple video response to yesterday's post :-)
(you may need to turn up your volume, the audio is kind of low, sorry!)


  1. I'm glad you got so much productive feedback. Like I said before I understand. And if you need any help growing your etsy shop, let me know. I have a shop too but most of my sales come from the festival circuit and private sales. (I'm a papercrafter.) Your items could do well there. Could be an alternative source of income for you.

  2. Happy for you on the interviews! Yay! Good luck! Luv the hair too! :-)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, again! Stay motivated!

  4. It's awesome to hear (and see) you!

    I resonate about the financial stuff. I came across a blogger who writes about her journey out of debt(http://myprettypennies.wordpress.com/). I find her inspirational, but would love to hear the perspective of a black woman. I look forward to any $$$ posts!

  5. I don't know if you are subscribed to her, but here is a great video by a black woman about how she overcame her debt. It's a series, actually.


  6. Thank you ladies for your comments. Everyon'e insight really means a lot to me.

    @Danielle I will definitely have to take you up on your offer to learn more about the world of etsy. In fact, I'm going to email you because I would love to do a feature on you and your shop ;-)

    @BeautyXChangeGirl Thank you! I actually got hired at the second job, but I'm glad I did because it worked out to be a better situation than it would have been if I got hired at the first job. I guess God knows what he's going, no?

    @Dana no thank YOU for the encouragement, your email was a big help to me ;-)

    @Donica thanks for posting the link, I checked it out and it looks like good stuff!

    @pulchri2dinous Thank for the lnk, you know I LOVE any resource showing Black women doing their thang! Her videos are great!

  7. This video/blog are perfect examples as to why I am absolutely thankful for finding these online resources this year. It's the sense of community: being welcomed into it and feeling like I belong. I read your post on your financial situation and then decided to watch the video before leaving a comment. I'm glad I did because I was able to see positive results already. First, congratulations on the job. Thank you for being so candid and honest not only with us here, but with your parents. The ultimate example is that you weren't afraid to be honest with yourself. As I watched your video response, I was thinking, "This experience might just be a blessing in disguise for where God really wants to take you." With your new interest in pursuing a business path and coming across so many women able to relate to your situation, it just seems inevitable that you may be able to tie these two things together in business or something close. It goes without saying, that I have had a similar experience with changes in career paths, new school and financial debt (and thankfully supportive parents). I will definitely continue to support you/blog. I will keep you in prayer and I am looking forward to hearing more from you as you grow through this journey. Even with all the seriousness, I love how there was still time for hair! "Oh by the way this is a braid and curl." Because you know someone was going to ask :o)