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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's your game plan for 2010?

Not to scare anyone, but there are only 58 days until the new year.

Yep, less than a mere two months before the deadline for our 2009 promises come and slap us in the face. I don't know about ya'll, but I think I'm going to call 2009 a wash. Not to say that cool things didn't happen for me or that great things weren't achieved by me in 2009, but 2009 was definitely not my best year. Perhaps 2009 would be easier to look back on if all of my mishaps were unwarranted, but if I'm honest, that is definitely not the case. Many of the biggest disappointments were a direct result of promises I didn't keep to myself.

And those are the worst promises to break.

Because I'm a fighter, I refuse to wallow in my remaining 58 days, hoping for a better 2010. In fact, starting today I'm going to guarantee a great 2010 by preparing for it 58 days early—that means today.

If I really assess what happened in 2009, I'd say most of my lapses happened because (1) I did not prioritize my goals and (2) I did not give enough reverence to the process of achieving those goals. You might be thinking, "What are you talking about, Think & Grow Chick, this whole blog is about dreams and goals?" I'd say you are right, this blog is about dreams and goals; however, up until now I've done a poor job of managing those dreams and goals.

Firstly, most of the things we want in our lives are related. For example, you can't achieve your goal moving into a nicer apartment until you achieve your goal of being better about your finances. My issue was that I'd spend a whole afternoon pouring over apartment ads without spending a fraction of that energy to setup a budget to save up for that future apartment. No more in 2010. From now on, first things first.

Secondly, just because dreaming is fun and makes you feel hopeful does not mean that the process of making it happen will necessarily be fun and hopeful too. In fact, a good testament to whether or not you're working hard enough is if the initial dreaming phase is the only things thing that keeps you going through the hard work your doing now.

So that's it for me. 2010 = prioritization + action. What's 2010 for you?

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