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Friday, November 20, 2009

Youtubing Your Way to A New You

You'd be surprised at the wisdom you can run across on youtube. A lot of "average" people like you and me make some pretty cool videos. Below is one from one of my newly faved youtubers, LeobodyC5. The video below is a great one on healthy eating habits and new things to try for those of you trying maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Besides Leobody's California-esque attitude towards healthy eating and holistic living (she lives in LA), I especially like this chick because (1) here hair is fabulous and (2) she's got a killer vintage wardrobe, all of which she documents on her youtube page. She's like that fabulous 80s glamazon I would have been had I not been an infant in 1989. I couldn't embed the hair or vintage videos because she has embedding disabled, however you can check them out here and here, respectively.


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